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TOP 5 Insane cash secured puts

The screener shows cash secured puts with the highest ROI on active stocks.

Ticker IV Time ROI %
AMC 137 20.5
AFRM 114 16.4
MARA 130 16.0
FUTU 101 15.0
AMC 139 14.6

TOP 5 Low-volatility stocks

The screener helps find stocks that are currently in flats or triangles to buy straddles or trade breakouts.

Ticker Index Price
DISH 0.67 32.19
EA 0.69 131.35
ZNGA 0.69 6.52
DIS 0.69 150.76
PYPL 0.70 185.80

TOP 5 Conservative stocks to sell puts

The screener generates fresh ideas to trade cash secured puts on conservative stocks.

Ticker DTE Time ROI %
CLF 50 10.2
CLF 50 8.8
DKS 50 7.8
CLF 50 7.8
AMAT 50 7.7

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