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Option screeners to trade straddles and strangles

Fireball, Volatility and Cheapness Screeners help simplify the search for cheap and high cost options to buy or sell:

  • they pick the most promising stocks that can be further researched for trading straddles and strangles
  • the screeners operate with 3-month ATM options
  • screeners' indexes are based on market indicators, such as option prices, historical volatility and movement potential.

Volatility Screener

Volatility Screener helps find stocks that are currently in flats, or moving very actively.

Updated 19 hours ago.

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Top 5 least volatile stocks
Ticker Index Price
AZN 0.72 61.22
GSAT 0.73 1.59
FL 0.75 48.88
BHP 0.76 55.93
COP 0.76 74.59

Top 5 most active stocks

Ticker Index Price
IBM 1.57 128.33
CSX 1.38 35.01
INFY 1.28 23.41
INTC 1.25 56.00
IBN 1.25 20.09

Cheapness Screener

Cheapness Screener takes into account relative "cheapness" of options, their liquidity, previous price movements and the underlying stock’s price targets.

Updated 19 hours ago.

More information

Top 5 cheapest options
Ticker Index Price
BHP 0.74 55.93
FL 0.87 48.88
BABA 0.91 177.42
ITUB 0.94 4.30
BAC 0.94 46.83
Top 5 most expensive ones
Ticker Index Price
COP 2.52 74.59
AAOI 2.45 7.52
INTC 2.03 56.00
LBTYK 1.82 29.65
HAIN 1.81 44.46

Fireball Screener

Fireball Screener combines "cheapness" and volatility, and helps find the best options to trade.

Updated 19 hours ago.

More information

Top 5 stocks to sell options
Ticker Index Price
BHP 0.57 55.93
FL 0.65 48.88
ITUB 0.76 4.30
CF 0.79 59.99
AZN 0.83 61.22

Top 5 stocks to buy options

Ticker Index Price
INTC 2.53 56.00
AAOI 2.35 7.52
IBN 2.03 20.09
CAR 2.01 167.51
IBM 1.96 128.33

About us

We trade options, just like you. We know that it is easy to be overwhelmed by markets-related information: news, charts, indicators, articles and forums. At some point we realized that we were spending much time doing research and filtering out noise, so we decided to automate our tasks to save time and to be more efficient.

We believe that stocks and options research routines could and should be automated and simplified. 5Greeks helps option traders be more efficient and spend less time on research.


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