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Cheapness Screener was designed for traders who buy straddles and strangles and sell ATM options. It analyzes 3-4 month ATM options and identifies stocks with the most expensive or the cheapest options.

The screener allows one to divide options into cheap and expensive taking into account the option price and recent market volatility.

The cheapness index is a key feature that takes into account option prices, market volatility, and price movement potential. You can sort all stocks by the Index column:

  • The higher the value, the higher the price of an option relative to stock price movements. It can help find overpriced options. In such cases, it may be interesting to sell ATM options.
  • Low index values may indicate that buying straddles or strangles can make sense because such options can be underpriced.

Low index values suggest that options have lower price relatively to previous market movements. In means that it can be interesting to buy underlying options.

Maximum index values show tickers with options that have the highest price relative to recent market moves. The higher the index, the more overpriced can be the ATM options.

The search field can be used for custom requests (e.g. AZN, 59.48, etc) that can help figure out whether there are cheap or expensive options on each particular stock.

The screener is designed for private traders and investors who trade straddles or strangles and other volatility-based option strategies. It may be interesting for those who look for a tool that can help find “cheap” or “expensive” options. It is a good tool to reduce time spent on market research for everyone.

Cheapness Screener

Cheapness Index values:

below 0.25 show stocks with the cheapest ATM options

0.25 - 1 indicate stocks with relatively cheap options

1 - 1.5 show stocks with slightly overpriced options

above 1.5 indicate stocks with the most overpriced ATM options

The screener is updated every hour.

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