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The CSP (Cash Secured Puts) screener is a table with put options and their main characteristics. It analyzes thousands of options and shortlists trading opportunities to sell cash-secured puts.

The columns of the screener show the main characteristics of options e.g. DTE, strike, IV, etc. Also, you can use advanced filters (buttons above the table), such as High IV, Growth Stocks, etc.

For your convenience we added the basic mode of the CSP screener to the dashboard. It includes the most common settings used by options traders to find the best options to trade the wheel strategy (with high liquidity and 30-60 DTE from S&P500 and ETFs).

We recommend starting with the basic version and if you feel that you need more features, try the advanced mode of the screener. Pick the top 10-20 options from the list and analyze them further. The screener lets you easily discard irrelevant options and focus on the most perspective ones.

There are about 600k+ puts on US stocks available in the CSP screener. Currently it covers the US market. Soon we are going to include European and Asian markets as well.
The screener is updated every hour during trading hours if we have access to market data.

Filters can help you adjust the screener to your trading goals.

High IV filter excludes options that have low implied volatility and shows those which have IV above 100. High IV values are crucial when selling cash-secured puts.

Growth Stocks filter shows options on stocks that tend to be relatively volatile and grow fast.

DTE 30-60 filter shows options with 30 to 60 days till expiration. This is one of the most commonly used CSP filters.

Conservative Stocks filter shows options on well-known and stable stocks, that often meet Warren Buffet's investing style. For instance, Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola etc. It doesn’t include ETFs.

ETF filter shows exchange-traded funds. It is even more conservative than the output of the Conservative Stocks filter.

High Dividend filter shows companies with high dividend yield.

S&P500 filter shows options from the list of S&P500 companies, e.g. Boeing, Nike etc. It can sometimes overlap with the Conservative Stocks filtering list.

High liquidity helps filter out illiquid options.

Yes, you can apply multiple filters to get an even narrower sample of options. Simultaneous application of filters such as High IV, DTE 30-60 and High liquidity gives you a limited but precise list of options to sell puts.

We apply different colors to highlight categories of certain features. E.g. DTE 30-60 and DTE 180+ are painted in different colors. Options with the most attractive characteristics to sell are highlighted with green.

Primary tab covers all main features to make confident trading decisions. Here you will find such core features as IV, DTE, etc as well as advanced features designed by the 5Greeks team, such as Theta Impact, Time ROI %, etc.

Greeks tab shows Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega. It’ll be useful for those who want to analyze greeks of a particular option.

Extras tab includes extended features such as OI, Intrinsic Value to dive deeper into options analysis.

All pages with CSPs as well as extended sorting and filtering options are available with premium subscriptions. If you like our screeners, upgrade your subscription and get more features for all screeners.
The screener is designed for private traders and investors who trade the wheels strategy or look for the best cash-secured puts currently available on the US market. It is a good option to reduce time spent on market research.