Below are Top-10 stocks by Fireball Screener to trade straddles and strangles. Login or sign up to see more.

Top 5 Assets to sell options [description]

Stock Index Last ATR
BHP 0.57 55.93 0.60
FL 0.65 48.88 1.14
ITUB 0.76 4.30 0.22
CF 0.79 59.99 1.30
AZN 0.83 61.22 0.76

Top 5 Assets to buy options [description]

Ticker Index Price ATR
INTC 2.53 56.00 1.24
AAOI 2.35 7.52 0.21
IBN 2.03 20.09 0.33
CAR 2.01 167.51 7.42
IBM 1.96 128.33 5.62

Fireball Screener - find best options for straddles and strangles

Fireball Screener combines "cheapness" and volatility, and helps find the best options to trade:

  • the screener operates with 3-month ATM (at the money) options
  • it picks the most promising stocks that can be further researched for trading straddles and strangles
  • the screener's index is based on market indicators, such as option prices, historical volatility and movement potential.

Fireball Screener

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Fireball Index values:

below 0.1 show stocks with the cheapest options and the greatest movement potential

0.1 - 0.25 indicate stocks with average or relatively cheap options and decent price targets

0.26 - 1 show stocks with average or relatively overpriced options and often limited movement potential

above 1.0 indoicate stocks with the most «expensive» options and often limited movement potential

Fireball Screener is the option’s attractiveness general index based on Cheapness and Volatility Screeners' indexes. It takes into account conditional «high cost» or «cheapness» of options, as well as the market condition and the movement potential (flats, triangles and strong trends).

Minimum values show the «cheapest» underlying options with the greatest movement potential. The lower the index, the more attractive the purchase is.

Maximum index values show the most «expensive» underlying options with the lowest movement potential. The higher the index, the more attractive the selling of underlying option is.