Below are Top-10 stocks by Fireball Screener to trade straddles and strangles. Login or sign up to see more.

Top 5 Stocks to buy options [description]

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Ticker Index Last
BABA 0.08 122.28
PYPL 0.09 185.80
GPS 0.09 17.23
EA 0.11 131.35
RRC 0.12 18.34

Top 5 Stocks to sell options [description]

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Ticker Index Price
ITUB 2.65 3.63
GIS 1.86 64.83
LLNW 1.81 3.64
SHOO 1.69 43.91
PBH 1.36 60.91

Fireball Screener was designed for traders who buy straddles and strangles and sell ATM options. The screener takes into account relative price of options, current market conditions (flats, triangles and strong trends) and price movement potential.

It analyzes 3-month ATM options and identifies stocks with the most expensive or the cheapest options.

The index is a key column that takes into account option prices, market movement potential, and output of Volatility Screener:

  • If the value is low, buying straddles and strangles can make sense because such stocks are often in flats and are ready for a breakout. Moreover, market movement potential can be significant and their volatility and related options’ prices are relatively low.
  • High index values can help find overpriced options to sell as well as stocks that are about to rebound. It can show stocks that move actively and which options can be overpriced. In such cases, it may be interesting to sell ATM options or trade a rebound signal if the Daily trend looks promising.

Minimum index values show tickers with the greatest movement potential and the «cheapest» underlying options. The lower the index, the more attractive long positions can be.

Maximum index values show tickers with the most «expensive» underlying options. The higher the index, the more interesting the selling of such options can be.

The search field can be used for custom requests (e.g. BABA, 151.19, etc).

The screener is designed for private traders and investors who trade straddles, strangles and other volatility-based option strategies. It analyzes at-the-money calls and puts as well as current and historical market conditions, and can help find the most underpriced and the most overpriced options. It is a good tool to reduce time spent on market research.

Fireball Screener

Fireball Index values:

below 0.1 stocks with the cheapest options and the greatest movement potential

0.1 - 0.25 stocks with relatively cheap options and decent price targets

0.26 - 1 stocks with slightly overpriced options and limited movement potential

above 1.0 stocks with the most «expensive» options and limited movement potential

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